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Bolling Brook Barn - An attractive 4 bedroom home with the charm of a barn conversion yet with a contemporary twist. 

Bolling Brook Barn is the sister building to Chestnut Barn. The building was named after the 250 year old Chestnut tree that sits proud above the development. 


With an open plan kitchen, stunning dual aspect fireplace within the lliving area, vaulted stairwells and a feature bathroom suite, this makes for a truly bespoke property.

Project duration: 6 months

Architect: Randell Design Group 

Photographer: Adelina Iliev 

King and Drury have such excellent design taste and the foresight they have in future-proofing properties is both reassuring and exciting. Not to mention their personable business manners which goes a long way.

Camilla, Home Owner. 

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