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Maple Lodge - A spacious four bedroom home built in a traditional style with pleasing symmetry to the front elevation. 

The ground floor was designed for movement and light, with open plan layout that extends from the front hall through the contemporary kitchen in to the dining room. Bifold doors lead the reception rooms onto the garden terrace, to create a fantastic entertaining space. 

Project duration: 6 months

Architect: Randell Design Group 

Photographer: Adelina Iliev

What people say...


"The decision to purchase was easy, in that we had never come across such quality construction in the area. The properties are extremely hi-tech and eco-friendly within a traditional shell very much in keeping with the locality...We have had further works done by King and Drury on the property and without exception, the team have been exceptional in all their respective trades and the whole experience has been a pleasure. This is quality construction, managed by an expert and personal team. "


Tim Siddons, Home Owner & Principle of; 

Baker, Wilkins and Smith (International Construction Consultants). 

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