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Construction Teams and Communication

Beautiful buildings are the result of many hands working together with meticulous organisation, led by a dedicated and professional team fully committed to your project.
Every contract will have its own construction team, consisting of a site manager, contracts manager, and quantity surveyor, working together seamlessly to ensure its successful completion.

Site Manager

Within the team of site managers there is a varied background in heritage building, commercial fitouts, contemporary new builds, developments, and civil engineering works. This gives us a broad range of skillsets that is shared among the team that enables us to undertake a variety of construction work with experience and knowledge to successfully deliver your project. 

Our dedicated site managers serve as a direct reflection of our identity as a contractor, representing not only ourselves but also our partners and clients. We are therefore committed to selecting individuals who embody the same unwavering commitment, integrity, and pride that define our organisation.

Contract Managers

Playing a pivotal role in maintaining seamless communication between the commercial aspects of construction and operational processes, our contract managers adeptly handle client requests, variations, and information enquiries that impact project timelines and costs. They also look at ways to mitigate delays or price variations before they are actioned within the contract. 

Our contract managers spend considerable time in the procurement and planning stage producing programmes and schedules that enable our clients to make crucial decisions on construction items before they cause delays to sequencing on site. 

Quantity Surveyors

Meticulously navigating through cost estimates, scope of work, cash flow forecast, and real-time financial reporting throughout the build, our surveyors offer invaluable support in cost management. They assist in evaluating variations and specifying alterations as the build progresses.

Collaborating closely with a contract manager, our quantity surveyor provides a monthly report that summarises the build stage information that the contractor, architect or clients are waiting for. Risks and opportunities for the following month, cost to complete and any variations or alterations pending approval. 

Communication is key 

Your construction team dedicates a specific day each week to gather and report information, ensuring you remain informed throughout the project. Adhering to strict time management is crucial for fostering strong communication within a busy team.


Additionally, each project establishes a designated day for external meetings, facilitating the clear and efficient sharing of relevant information with the management team.

Weekly client communication consists of a site management report with:

  • Progress photographs

  • Weekly achievements 

  • The following week’s activities

  • Information requested

  • Client variations of approvals 

Furthermore, monthly reports provide a detailed overview of the project’s progress to date, including operational updates and commercial information related to contract finances. These reports are shared with the client, architect, and contract administrator to maintain transparency and account-ability.

For clients unable to visit the project regularly, we offer video updates showcasing progress within a specific timeframe. This enables clients to stay engaged with the construction process, bridging any geographical gaps and ensuring continuous involvement.

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